Sunday, August 25, 2013

Click Paid Migration to ACXPress done since Aug 22!

Click Paid Migration:

The Click Paid Migration has started by Aug 22 and it is running smoothly. We are anticipating many great things from this migration. Many of the members of Click Paid were also part of the JustBeenPaid organization. Now that all members of JBP, PC and CP are all part of the ACX family, we believe we have the power to rocket this program into the Universe, helping each member continue to reach their financial goals. 

Good Things Are Happening Every Single Day At AdClickXpress!!!

Payza Now Available:

A quick reminder to all our new members, Payza is now handling funding and withdrawal requests for ACX members. As a well-respected member of the online financial payment processor community, Payza has proven time and again why they are one of the leaders in this industry. We encourage all ACX members to create a free Payza account if you haven’t already.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update March 27

Hey everyone,

Click Paid Residual Income is here!

As we have been announcing over the past week, we are unveiling an exciting compensation plan enhancement! Due to the overwhelming requests from you, our members, we have accelerated the launch date this enhancement, our Membership Packages; Premium and Premium Plus. These packages will provide highly desired benefits, along with a powerful monthly residual income.

We are thrilled to have will Mr. Frederick Mann share the details on his weekly live call, Wednesdays at 6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT! Click here (link to the Dashboard), and log into your Dashboard for call details.
The pre-release of these Membership Packages provides an immediate and consistent residual income opportunity to you. While these Packages are in pre-launch mode and will continue to have benefits added over the next few weeks, we are thrilled to add this impactful addition to the Click Paid opportunity NOW!

Our simplified viral sharing process makes it easy to realize incredible recurring monthly gains. For example, if you have just 25 First Level Premium Plus members, and each of them have 25 in their First Level (your Second Level), you will create a consistent monthly residual income of $675!  Because of the viral nature of Click Paid, enrolling 25 first level members has already proven to be fast and very simple.
ClickPaid, with its revolutionary Click Storm funnel technology, is progressing in great strides. Every day people around the world are signing up when they hear the words

Click… View… Paid!

Thousands are realizing the benefits of being able to efficiently channel unique traffic to their own websites. Viewing internet advertisements has become productive and profitable. And now, with the major addition to our referral program incentives, Click Paid continues to be the most POWERFUL opportunity on the internet!
Join the call to hear about the details - we can’t wait to see you there!

Yours in Success,
The Click Paid Team

Some members received their first payments from ClickPaid today. Congrats! I have not requested one yet and am not playing with a lot of money at this point. Was holding back to see if this would be a good new venture or not. Seems to be coming along albeit a bit slow.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Greetings Members!

Click Paid is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and we’re sharing the momentum with you! The big news is that the stabilization process for Click Paid’s release is complete! The launch went smoothly, and restricting account activation is no longer necessary.

All Members have full access to the dashboard, are able to purchase click packages and earn instantly! Click Paid is currently in Beta Phase and we expect full functionality within the next few weeks. With all members it’s now Click... View... Paid! 

We are watching the system to ensure members are making money easily! We see incredible success and positive feedback in rave reviews from you our members!

Our top priority is to provide you a streamlined, profitable, and positive experience! We invite your feedback through surveys, support tickets, and customer service, to make Click Paid the BEST opportunity for everyone!

Your success is our success!
-- The Click Paid Team

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Click Paid Back Office now functional! March 5

Just got this in the mail from Click Paid

Welcome to the Click Paid family! Your account has been upgraded to Active Member status. What does this mean for you?  It’s simple! Your account has been approved and you’re qualified for the following:

Click Package Purchases
Full System Access
Access to My Marketing
Access to Approved Marketing Tools
Full Referral Earning Potential

Your Next Step - log into your Click Paid account, complete your signup and you are on your way to success.  Don’t forget to share using our exclusive Click Storm System.  The more you share the more you earn.

Here’s to your success,

Your Click Paid Pals

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Frederick Mann's Tuesday night call

Here are some excellent notes from the ClickPaid call of Feb 26 night:

What's ClickPaid in a nutshell?

Clickpaid is an advertising program and a downline builder. System is done the easiest and most effective way possible, designed to become streamlined as possible. The money-making principles and methods from JBP used also, only improved!

  • Buy Clickpacks worth $10 each that will pay you up to 2% daily; More clickpacks, more earnings 
  • Clickstorm - a sharing system, automated sponsoring that will help you build downlines
  • Instantpay/Speedpay - get paid within 60 seconds into your back office
  • Processors: STP, LR, PM, EgoPay, Payza will follow soon and many others
  • Withdrawals to pay processors will be within 36-48 hours. 
  • Purpose of placement/ranking in the PreLaunch phase: Top 1000 people get to participate during the launch of the program and be able to buy clickpacks and panels and start earning and be able to withdraw as well

Some of the Q and A

Q: What sets apart Clickpaid from JBP?
A: Quick payment, instant gratification (into your back office after viewing ads/commissions)
Viral Marketing System - automated promotion of referral URL; easier to build downlines

Q: Will there be a possibility to fund and be able to pay our Clickpaid using a GC from another company?
A: No, GC from another company will NOT be redeemable in Clickpaid

Q: Will there be a monthly subscripton?
A:No subscription at the moment but there may be an ability to upgrade soon

Q: You sold JustBeenPaid and left us; Will you be doing that to Clickpaid too?
A: There are no intentions in doing so. I don't expect it to happen; JBP has certain problems that made it necessary to drastically change it. Those factors are not issues in Clickpaid so there wont be a need for it to change its business model

Q: Is snoopydoggy dog is gonna help us, is Manny gonna be with us, if this girl in New Zealand is gonna be with us?
A: I won't say specifically who will be with Clicpaid but there will be a Live Chat and we will have a very efficient support system. We have a support team in place and they are really well trained.

Q: What is the advantage of ranked first 1000?
A: It mainly has a use to be able to use the panel system early

Q: Will a free member be able to earn without actually putting in money himself
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be a bucket or queue withdrawal limits?
A: The only limit is if there are two many withdrawals to a particular processor. In general there wont be any problems making withdrawal.

Q: I have people in my group that have substantial amount in their wallets. Is there a way to move across the funds to Clickpaid? 
A: No, clickpaid is entirely a separate program

Q: Is it fair to say that whatever is our situation at the moment moving from JBP and PC will have to be resolved out of that and there will not be any kind of assistance there or advantage of being involved with clickpaid to help our situation with PC? 
A: This call is just about Clickpaid and not about another program

The End